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25th March 2006

8:27pm: so much to write about!
I have so much to write about, and I don't know where to start. First of all, burns summary:
The one on my arm from the toastie machine is still there. I have 2 new ones. One on my right middle knuckle- I was walking past a random drunk and he burnt me with his cigarette. and another on my right air. I was straightening my hair and got it caught between the hotplates. Ouch!. My fitness is still improving. I did a run a run around the mount the other day, and i ran the whole base track, so fast without stopping, that afterwards, my stomach hurt so bad and I thought I was going to throw up. But i did damn good. We've made yet again a new group in class. Me, Cam and Paul have separated from the other boys. Mike's getting a bit too immature and he made the mistake of bringing up cam's ex the other day. NO ONE talks about his ex, he gets pretty wound up about it (you would too, if your partner walked out with another guy and left you with a kid to take care of on your own), and he's been driving Paul to insanity too. We did our police competency test the other day. I failed by one second! gah!

15th March 2006

11:34pm: Angry Samoan!
Today in class we did these roleplays of domestic violence situations. I got cast as the mum, and the boys decided that the family would be samoan. It was more fun than it sounded, running around speaking in a samoan accent with one jandal on my foot, the other in my hand ready to clout "son". It was funny when "son" (steve) whacked "daughter" (lisa) and called her a "fucking slut". Then Mike goes "sup, dawg!" to a retarded guy. Then, we got given this big long list of confusing words. we had to find out the meanings of them all, then choose 20 and make a story. Paul, Neil and I made a story about some random getting hacked to death and thrown in a swamp. Brooke and Gail wrote about how they couldn't think of anything. Mike and Steve had the funniest by far. it was called "a big-worded porn". It was all about a certain classmate and I (Cam bragged to the boys- aparently, i'm the hottest in the class- BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!). The funniest sentance had the word "Facetious" it it, meaning witty at inappropriate time. The line was "Facetiously, Cam asked, "Is it in yet?, which soon lead to him being Cudgeoned to a ruddy mess by an irate Hayley" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! and then two old people made out at work. With tongue. eww.

10th March 2006

3:11pm: Fark!!!
So i just decided to make toasted sandwiches and i burnt my arm on the toastie maker. I didn't really give a shit until I tuched it, and the skin just...slid off... eww..
So now I have a white raw patch on my otherwise brown arm. But in better news, Nitro (the company that rigged the hawaiian tropic pageant) decided they want me on their books. Talk about ironic. So after an interview today, I'm oficially a nitro girl. My pics aren't up there yet, as I haven't had my first shoot, but i'll post as son as they're up :)

6th March 2006

11:18pm: Baaaaarrrbbrrraaa???
Holy shit did I have a good weekend. We had a HUGE massive party at our flat because Natacha and Piero moved back to Uruguay. We had wicked sounds, and even a bonfire in our backyard! all our neighbours came, so there were no worries about noise. My friends Sarah Foreskin and Cam from my class came too. It was freezing. Then, me and Cam did a mission to Burger King. we got sick of waiting for the bbq. we figured that because it wasn't on (and yet piero was still turning the sausages...) the food would be a while. fuck it was funny. just picture this confused south american trying to use a bbq that's not turned on then running around offering everyone bits of carrot. When we got there, i whispered "look at the drive through guys hair!" it was al swishy. Cam cracked up ands goes "look at his ears!" just as the guy turned around and heard what Cam had said! LOL!!! then we went back to the party and got talking otot this guy with dreads who was all about how he went to this acid party on friday, and how he had been so tripped out. then, he asked Cam what he was doing, to which he replied that he was studying law enforcement to be a cop. So the dreads guy started saying how he had been at the party, but not had any acid and stuff. it was so funny. then we went into town. On the way to do apple sours shots at cornerstone, we saw neil, who thought nothing of cam and i being in town together (mike and steve made up rumours that we were sleeping together). Then, we went home (not my home, mind you). I got up, got a ride back home then went to work. Today I got to class. I was standing with Neil, Mike and Cam, and Neil was telling mike about town. He was like "n' i couldn't get 'in anywhere cause i was wif sum 16 year olds, n' (excuse my typing like this, i'm trying to type an english accent) i was gettin' all grumpy, yeah, n i saw 'ayley and cam walking down the street, n' so i said 'I to them, an' then...ohmygod! cam! you've got a 'uge 'ickey!!". Then Mike put two and two together and so therefore we were busted. Not too sure what's going to happen, but we'll be taking things slowly because we've both had all our relationships so far end nasty. I found out that brooke's actually brooke's middle name and not her real name. her real name's barbra. I've been giving her shit all day, saying in a squawky voice "baaaaaaaarrrrbbrrraaaaaa????"
Today was so funny.
and as promised, here's our picnic table radness!!!! 
this is our rad "law enforcement class of 2006" picnic table
yay for donuts!

27th February 2006

8:08pm: work, work, work
Yup. I worked my arse off thw whole weekend. I was walking to work (from my car) and I saw a car with the number plate "milf" and the lady wasn't even hot. she was fat with peroxide-blonde hair! eww! then, i walked past the bookshop and saw "the reader's digest guide to sex" eww! I thought only old biddies read the readers' digest!
We did our Police fitness testing today. Last week, I did the 2,4 k run in 13:48. Today, I did it in 12:46. i can't believe I beat my time by a minute two seconds!
Town was busy on the weekend. saw a very drunk Mike. I said hi to him, and he puckered his lips and made a kissing motion. I just laughed at him, knowing damn well his girlfriend would beat him to a pulp of she was there. Then, he goes "Oi!! You're Hayley from my class!" He he'd only just recognised me then! then I saw Brooke and she needed a ride home. We painted our picnic table today (each year, every class paint a table on O week). We did the table black, with a big pink pig wearing a police hat, aviators and a Boonie-style set of handlebars. We also Painted doughnuts and cups of coffee. I will post a pic when I take one tomorrow

25th February 2006

2:45am: Haircut!
I got my haircut!!! It's so cool! I haven't had a fringe since I was 9 and I had decided fringes were "uncool". So now I have the layers put back inot my hair, although this time they're all choppy, and I have a choppy fringe. It looks rad!
snip snip!
So I got into work today, and my boss started laughing about how we (me and the emo boy at work, and the punky-looking bar girl) look the same. we all wear chucks to work, all have choppy black hair, and all have cuffs and studded belts. lol. 
I think sitting with the boys has influenced me. I was at work tonight, and this fat chick walks in. I turned to Jay (the emo guy) and go "there's ya missus!" something the boys and I do freqrently at lunchtimes, laughing at the not-so-normal looking people on campus. Andy was in charge of music tonight. he was playing some older stuff. It was funny to hear the spice girls, and people singing about how rad it is that it's 1999. It was so funny.

19th February 2006

4:55pm: Lots and lots of work!
Yeah, the subject line says it all. I worked on Friday night, and it was quiet as, although Laure and I both agreed there was quite a bit of good talent in the bar, so at least we were happy. I got to go home early. I worked all day yesterday, and it was so quiet I taught the kitchenhand how to make coffees. Then I worked last night, where it was super-packed, with three hen's nights and two stag parties. One old lady got angry at me when I wouldn't fill her wine glass to the top, and she squawked (literally) at me "fiiiiiiilll myyyy glaaaaaaass tooo thaaaaaaa tooop, youuuuuuu sluuuuut!" It was so funny. She just didnt get the fact that we have standard measures to follow. Mike saw Paul in town on Friday with some skinny blonde chick hanging off him. haha. It's quite funny how Tegan rubs it in my face at every opportunity, the fact that she has him, and I don't, but I'm quite happy being single, because I know ythis way I can't get cheated on behind my back and stuff. It's funny. I just smile and nod.

17th February 2006

3:40pm: Running Sucks
I hate running so bad. Yesterday, we did a practice Police fitness test. For that, we had to run 2.4 k in 11:15 (I got 13 minutes something, but we've only just started), 20 pressups (i did 13) a 40 cm vertical jump (i did 35) and a40 kg grip strength in each hand (37 right, 33 left). Show how unfit I am! Today we did our practise swim tests. I did it first go, and even beat the boys! We learnt about sudden Deaths today, and our tutor was telling us how the worst one she went to was an old lady who had been dead fr a couple of weeks, and when they found her, her house was infested with blowfies. that's disgusting, but then Steve piped up with:

"wouldn't you have to kill all of the flies? because they might get out and land on someone's food. The neighbour would be eating bits of Nanna from next door!"

gross.I went out for a few with Sarah last night. We ended up at the Mellick for quiz night. We came second to last, so we didn't even get a last place consolation prize. we ended up having quite a big boozy night out.

"What do you do if you go to Police College, and you're married, or have a partner?"- Mike
"Use your hand..."- me

"I can see her panties through those shorts!"- Neil the english guy
"Panties??? HAHAHA!! who still says panties?"-Mike

*picking up a razor blade on the table we were sitting at* "We can't sit here!!!" *whispers* "this is where the emo kids sit!..."-Mike

14th February 2006

5:17pm: Started my course
So my course has started, and so far so good. Everyone seems really nice. Hardly any of us know others at tech, so we all hang around as a group together at lunchtime, at our own special table (yeah, we claimed it!- the "cool" people table) in the cafeteria. We've been learning a lot of interesting things.
I was meant to get my hair cut today, but the guy stuffed my booking up, so I'm getting it cut next tuesday instead *grumbles* we had to play that stupid name game where you have to remember everyone's name,and a word that begins with the same letter.it went:
superlative sam,
boring "oh. uhm.no. actually i'll be bubbly!) Brooke
Great Gail
Naughty Ino (he's korean and we cant understand him)
Nice Neil
Positive Paul
Manly Mike
Santa Steve
Lucid Lisa
Colossal Cam
Hungover Hayley (that's meee!)
Active Anna
Racy Rebecca
Mousy Mel

as gay as the excercise was, at least I can remember everyone's name.


"obsitnate....that's when you don't have sex"- me
"hahaha!! no, that's abstainance"- Cam

"so I was driving down the road when I was 8"- Mike
"you were driving? 8 years old?"- constable guy that talked to us
"hahah!"- rest of us
"ok, so I was riding my bike down the road.."-Mike
"Was it even your bike?"

12th February 2006

5:23pm: Shopping, Smoking and Work..

Yestreday was a pretty good day. I stumbled out of bed around 1, then went into town. I bought a hot pink halter top from Supre. It was only $7. and, It's a size small! Supre generally has completely fucked-up teenybopper sizing (lyk, omgz!!!111!!!oneone!! ur lyk a a size 10!!1!! ur so fat!!!!oneone11!!), and I'm usually a size med-large there (I'm a size 8. Go figure) So it's good to see that they finally have their sizes right. and, the staff weren't clones this time. There was a DARK SKINNED BRUNETTE there. A BRUNETTE!. As expected, it was full of children. Not as in 13 year olds trying to grow up, children, but 8 year olds. this one girl, she would have been 9 at the most held up this black tank top, with "I am drunk" written on the front. she was begging her mum for it. I doubt she even knows what drunk is!! Good thing her mum said no. haha. The dumb little supre boy (they have guys in there tidying up and stacking bangles) reeked so bad. If this was an American High school movie, I'd have chucked a deodorant can at him.One thing that did irritate me a bit was the lack of respect for brunettes. Sure, they had a brunette staff member, but there were quite a few blonde pride shirts. One said "blondes have more fun", understandable, that one's been around a long time now, but another said "I had a nightmare. I was a brunette!" There's nothing wring with having dark hair. and It's been said by guys themselves that they take brunettes more seriously, and see them more long-term relationship-worthy. So it's bad to be taken seriously? It's bad a guy wants you for commitment? *shrugs shoulders* Outside Supre, there were a bunch of 12 year olds trying to be "cool" by smoking. They were standing in a tight circle, constantly checking to see if anyone can notice their "coolness". They were holding the cigarette between their thumb and index finger, as opposed to between the index finger and 3rd finger, and carefully inhaling, then having coughing fits. Then checking to see if people were staring in awe of their "coolness". I'm uber-jealous. I wish I was that cool. Then, one of them asked me for a lighter. I told him I don't believe in underage smoking. He went completely off his rocker (as 12 year old wiggers do), started swearing like "You fuckin bitch!" it was hilarious. If 12 year olds want to grow up so bad, they should start behaving like adults. It was so funny! I started my first shift at Coyote last night, and it was way easier than I thought it would be. The till is easy, it's just a little hard finding the buttons. Mike (the dj from Bahama Hut) works there too. Closing bought back Bahama memories. I was cleaning and dancing at the same time, and Mike was dancing and skipping round the bar. But it wasn't to Tenacious D, like the last song of the night at Bahama Hut always was. There was no Chris taking his top off and doing a seal impression on the bar, or making up a song about anything (some favourites were the "I hate Samoans" song and the "Paul screwed the crew" song). Jason wasn't there, stomping around angrily, Bex wasn't sitting there confused. Mel wasn't trying to walk a straight line and sweep at the same time, and Paul and I weren't sending and recieving dodgy texts. God I miss those times. I know a lot of people hated the Bahama hut, but for me it was a great experience. We all used to have so much fun together (even waay before Paul and I were involved). I miss it. at least I still see a few people. Chris is always in town, and whenever i hear "Tina! come get some ham!" I know it's just Chris' way of saying hi. Ian works at Grumpy Mole now, so I see him lots. and I work with Mike again now. Mel's moved to aussie. I miss her so much, we used to get each other so drunk behind the bar, it was classic. and I never see Paul anymore. But that's neither mine, of his fault.

God I miss the hut.

29th January 2006

11:54pm: ow!`my knee
my knee's packing in. again. I hate my knee so bad. Felt a bit seedy this moring, because I went to Carol's 50th last night. it was good. went round there today, and it was good seeing some of the family members i haven't seen in the longest time. I went for the biggest run ever the other day. all around papamoa. go me!

23rd January 2006

12:13pm: bye bye toenail!
I did crap all yesterday. I went next door for a few drinks and we watched charlie and the chocolate factory. The remake's pretty good :) aside from Johnny Depp's character has so many similarities to Michael Jackson. Then Alan decided he's try and do an ollie off the steps, on daniels skateboard. he landed it all awkward, and he ripped his toenail. while the rest of us did basic first aid, daniel almost pissed himself laughing and went and got the pliers. lol. Work's quiet today. andy just got marc's undies and put them on my head. eww!! i dont even know why marc's undies are in the workshop to begin with...

22nd January 2006

12:03pm: Retarded Puppy
Been doing a bit of thinking today, as you do when you're slightly hung over and bored at work, and I've come to the realisation I'm too nice. No matter how much people hurt me, no matter how bad they make me feel, I'll always forgive. Someone might push me to the brink of suicide, yet I'll still love them. Someone may make me feel so bad about myself, driving me to an eating disorder, and I'll still forgive. I guess I can compare myself to a retarded puppy. Hurt me all you want and you'll still get unconditional love. Someone may reject me, and yeah, i'll be hurt, but I still love the person. Nick ditched me for an anorexic. I felt fat and like i was not good enough. Yet I still like him (only as a friend though). Paul used to make excuses why he couldn't hang out with me, like he was studying or something, and then i'd find out later he was at Tegan's. I still like him (again, as a friend). Dwayne treated me really great, then said he likes someone else. I felt like shit, yeah, but we became friends again. He ditched me in town last night, and while im a bit disgruntled today, I know that when I see him tomorrow, everything will be all sunshine and rainbows. Cause I still like him. I know people can say something like "just don't forgive", but it's easier said than done. Out of all the people that have hurt me, It's only one I don't forgive. and I don't think I ever will. But many people have hurt me. and I mean really hurt me. But I still like them. It sucks how people walk all over my feelings, probably knowing damn well I'll still be there for them.
Current Mood: confused

21st January 2006

1:36pm: Randomest Dream Ever!
Holy Crap did I have the most random dream last night! I Dreamt...

I went to the gym and Sarah was there (probably cause she's coming to the gym with me on Monday). I introduced her to Dwayne, who talked to her as though she was a little kid. He bent over at a 90 degree angle, arms locked at knees (you know how adults to that to get down to the level of little kids??). He was like "and what do you want to be when you grow up?" even speaking to her like she's little. Sarah goes "A backpacker" . I refrained from making any smart arse comments about dirty backpackers. Dwayne goes "A Backpack?!? wow! a long round one, or a big square one? or a little one?" and then I woke up. Holy Crap that was weird....

But I finished my painting. It came out really good. So I'm doing the same thing on canvas. I worked a little on it this morning. I didn't leave my paints out this time though. Frances-Ann quit Fahy's. Tony Sexually harassed her. She's pressing charges. According to the police, if anyone else presses charges, and he ends up in court and things don't go his way, he could get 7 years in jail. It's about time. He's done that to so many people who have been to scared to say anything.He didn't do that to me, but he was drunk and abusive, which is why i left and went to bureta. I suggested she go to bureta to work. the food might be crap, but at least the staff and management are nice (and not all touchy feely icky) and they do let uni students come and go as their holidays do.

19th January 2006

10:44am: dang!
and i've just realised i've left my paints out. the colours i carefully mixed last night and gonna be all dry and crusty. theres a paint by numbers guide thing in the latest issue of burkes backyard magazine (i bought a NANNA magazine! le Gasp!) on this really cool frangipani painting. so i'm gonna give it a go :) just as soon as i can remember to glad-wrap my paints. lol
9:55am: ha!
I lost 2 kilos this week! I'm so rad! though the downside is that my gym shorts are a bit big, my work pants are HUGE on me (they were too big to begin with, but at least now i can wear my funky 3/4 jeans to work) and my 3/4 jeans need a belt. So then what did I do? I went and had kfc, and ate lollies until i felt sick. Happy weight loss!, let's eat fat foods! lol. I have the winning big on THE RADDEST top on trademe. I so hope I get it. I'm at work watching a video about stingrays. it was about crayfish, but that parts over now. I've dived the place they filmed it. It's in the poor knights islands up north. it was good :) yay!

18th January 2006

3:53pm: Super-Secret meetings..
So I'm at work and everyone else is in a meeting. Apparently it's about recreational standards. I'm wondering why i need to be here, when I too, am an instructor. strange. and unlike old-school meetings, that used to be held in the staff room, and if a customer came, someone would serve, and everyone went to the meetings, it's being held in the lecture rooms. the cylinder guys aren't there either, but then again, they tend to get excluded from everything. i'm surprised they even came to our staff party.. but yeah, if the meeting really IS about padi standards, shouldn't i be there. since the retail manager doesn't teach, wouldn't it make more sense if she minded the shop. shane (one of the cylindr guys) isn't surprised. apparently they use to have corrupt "let's diss a staff member where they can't hear us" meeting. All I'm doing is feeling segregated and left wondering what the hell i've done wrong...
Current Mood: Segregated

17th January 2006

11:13am: and theeeeeennn..
Oh yeah. And I had quite a busy weekend. It was Rosey’s birthday, so I went and saw her. After that I went to Hannah’s. Anna, Anja and Grace were there too. I was the sober driver. Hannah almost fell of her chair a few times. This weekend, I WONT be the sober driver. We went into town for a bit. First we went to cornerstone, then to Grumpy Mole, where we met Frances-Ann and Elri. Grumpy Mole was packed out, and I saw so many people I know. Then we lost anna, Hannah, anja and grace. But then we found stevie. So we went to Crazy Jack’s. After we got sick of crazy jack’s bogan population, we went back to Grumpy Mole. I got tired and left. But then I changed my mind and met back up with the others at Cornerstone. Then I saw Howie and Daniel. And I still didn’t go home. Then we saw Shane, some random guy, Coop and Dwayne. I’m stoked we’re mates again. This weekend, anna, frances-ann and I are going out. I don’t have to be sober driver this time! I hate being hung over, and I don’t go out of my way to get completely shitfaced, but it’s good to be able to have a few, without worrying about having to drive.
11:04am: Fitness Freak!.. or not.. haha
Man I’m good!. I spent a whole hour and a half at the gym last night. That’s my best effort yet! Not as strenuous as it sounds, because I was mainly on the treadmill and crosstrainer upstairs. See, at the gym I go to, all the cardio equipment is on a mezzanine floor upstairs, overlooking the weights. Let’s just say I had a great view of a certain someone with a really nice bum for the good 45 minutes I spent on the treadmill. At least it’s good motivation for me haha.

12th January 2006

4:55pm: although...
Though one thing I have noticed, is my jeans are feeling a bit looser, which shows things are changing. slowly, but surely. So that's all good. I just hope my "friends" will start to appreciate me a bit more. When things turn to shit, as fast as i can, i'm there for them with support. Yet they dont care about how I feel. Apparently, because I don't have the hot guys around me drooling, I'm not a hot guy magnet, my "friends" dont want me. why should this even matter? one girl, she claims to be happily in love with her boyfriend and all. It's hardly love when she cheated on him when we were in town a while back. Both myself and the other girl that was there were horrified at her actions. So why should it matter if I don't attract the guys? if she's as happy in her relationship as she says, it shouldn't matter. although i suppose she'd rather take another friend because she's skinny, blonde and tanned. It would be a disaster if the guys thought they had a minga mate. how shame for them!
11:56am: grrr
I only lost one kilo this week. Sucks cause i've been trying so hard, and I haven't been eating (much) junk food. It's all good, at least I lost something. Next week will be better. absolutely NO sausage rolls! Our house was busy on Tuesday night. John (Renee's brother) Howie (John's mate) and Daniel and Rach (The next door neighbours) came over for drink and a few games of shithead. then the guys came up with this game involving paper scissors rock, and an electrocuting pen. whoever lost had to take a zap on the nose. Then we went to jam night at the Mellick. It was packed, which was good. I saw Lisa (one of the other pageant girls). I'm heading to an "s" party on saturday night. I'll be going as a skank. I'm heading into town afterwards, so i'll have to see if i have enough time to get changed before i go, toerhwise i could be getting some strange looks

9th January 2006

10:02pm: So here it is..
So this is my new livejournal. Yeah.
The elemeno P concert was good., right up until I got carted away by the ambulance. Yay for diabetes. I've been a good girl lately. I've been going to the gym heaps and sticking to my diet :). yay for me!. I just have to stick with it just a little bit longer. It's hard dealing with others' reactions, though. Today andy told me there's a fine line between being slim, and anorexic. It's not him who has to deal with the shit I do. He doesn't have to deal with trying to fit in every fucking single day. He doesn't have to deal with having friends who ignore you. Fuck things are bad now. On weekends, seems like all my friends have their own little plans. I invite my friends along to things i go to, why can't they include me? Because i'm fat. I don't have all the hot guys drooling over me, no. So it's me who spends her time doing fuck all on the weekends, cause I'm not pretty enough for my friends. I'm getting there though. Soon I'll be so thin it'll be them getting rejected. It's not so hard sticking to 500 calories a day. I can do it :)
Current Mood: ugly
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