frangipani_kiss (frangipani_kiss) wrote,

and theeeeeennn..

Oh yeah. And I had quite a busy weekend. It was Rosey’s birthday, so I went and saw her. After that I went to Hannah’s. Anna, Anja and Grace were there too. I was the sober driver. Hannah almost fell of her chair a few times. This weekend, I WONT be the sober driver. We went into town for a bit. First we went to cornerstone, then to Grumpy Mole, where we met Frances-Ann and Elri. Grumpy Mole was packed out, and I saw so many people I know. Then we lost anna, Hannah, anja and grace. But then we found stevie. So we went to Crazy Jack’s. After we got sick of crazy jack’s bogan population, we went back to Grumpy Mole. I got tired and left. But then I changed my mind and met back up with the others at Cornerstone. Then I saw Howie and Daniel. And I still didn’t go home. Then we saw Shane, some random guy, Coop and Dwayne. I’m stoked we’re mates again. This weekend, anna, frances-ann and I are going out. I don’t have to be sober driver this time! I hate being hung over, and I don’t go out of my way to get completely shitfaced, but it’s good to be able to have a few, without worrying about having to drive.
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