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Super-Secret meetings..

So I'm at work and everyone else is in a meeting. Apparently it's about recreational standards. I'm wondering why i need to be here, when I too, am an instructor. strange. and unlike old-school meetings, that used to be held in the staff room, and if a customer came, someone would serve, and everyone went to the meetings, it's being held in the lecture rooms. the cylinder guys aren't there either, but then again, they tend to get excluded from everything. i'm surprised they even came to our staff party.. but yeah, if the meeting really IS about padi standards, shouldn't i be there. since the retail manager doesn't teach, wouldn't it make more sense if she minded the shop. shane (one of the cylindr guys) isn't surprised. apparently they use to have corrupt "let's diss a staff member where they can't hear us" meeting. All I'm doing is feeling segregated and left wondering what the hell i've done wrong...
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