frangipani_kiss (frangipani_kiss) wrote,

Started my course

So my course has started, and so far so good. Everyone seems really nice. Hardly any of us know others at tech, so we all hang around as a group together at lunchtime, at our own special table (yeah, we claimed it!- the "cool" people table) in the cafeteria. We've been learning a lot of interesting things.
I was meant to get my hair cut today, but the guy stuffed my booking up, so I'm getting it cut next tuesday instead *grumbles* we had to play that stupid name game where you have to remember everyone's name,and a word that begins with the same went:
superlative sam,
boring "oh. actually i'll be bubbly!) Brooke
Great Gail
Naughty Ino (he's korean and we cant understand him)
Nice Neil
Positive Paul
Manly Mike
Santa Steve
Lucid Lisa
Colossal Cam
Hungover Hayley (that's meee!)
Active Anna
Racy Rebecca
Mousy Mel

as gay as the excercise was, at least I can remember everyone's name.


"obsitnate....that's when you don't have sex"- me
"hahaha!! no, that's abstainance"- Cam

"so I was driving down the road when I was 8"- Mike
"you were driving? 8 years old?"- constable guy that talked to us
"hahah!"- rest of us
"ok, so I was riding my bike down the road.."-Mike
"Was it even your bike?"
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