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Running Sucks

I hate running so bad. Yesterday, we did a practice Police fitness test. For that, we had to run 2.4 k in 11:15 (I got 13 minutes something, but we've only just started), 20 pressups (i did 13) a 40 cm vertical jump (i did 35) and a40 kg grip strength in each hand (37 right, 33 left). Show how unfit I am! Today we did our practise swim tests. I did it first go, and even beat the boys! We learnt about sudden Deaths today, and our tutor was telling us how the worst one she went to was an old lady who had been dead fr a couple of weeks, and when they found her, her house was infested with blowfies. that's disgusting, but then Steve piped up with:

"wouldn't you have to kill all of the flies? because they might get out and land on someone's food. The neighbour would be eating bits of Nanna from next door!"

gross.I went out for a few with Sarah last night. We ended up at the Mellick for quiz night. We came second to last, so we didn't even get a last place consolation prize. we ended up having quite a big boozy night out.

"What do you do if you go to Police College, and you're married, or have a partner?"- Mike
"Use your hand..."- me

"I can see her panties through those shorts!"- Neil the english guy
"Panties??? HAHAHA!! who still says panties?"-Mike

*picking up a razor blade on the table we were sitting at* "We can't sit here!!!" *whispers* "this is where the emo kids sit!..."-Mike
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