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So here it is..

So this is my new livejournal. Yeah.
The elemeno P concert was good., right up until I got carted away by the ambulance. Yay for diabetes. I've been a good girl lately. I've been going to the gym heaps and sticking to my diet :). yay for me!. I just have to stick with it just a little bit longer. It's hard dealing with others' reactions, though. Today andy told me there's a fine line between being slim, and anorexic. It's not him who has to deal with the shit I do. He doesn't have to deal with trying to fit in every fucking single day. He doesn't have to deal with having friends who ignore you. Fuck things are bad now. On weekends, seems like all my friends have their own little plans. I invite my friends along to things i go to, why can't they include me? Because i'm fat. I don't have all the hot guys drooling over me, no. So it's me who spends her time doing fuck all on the weekends, cause I'm not pretty enough for my friends. I'm getting there though. Soon I'll be so thin it'll be them getting rejected. It's not so hard sticking to 500 calories a day. I can do it :)
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