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Though one thing I have noticed, is my jeans are feeling a bit looser, which shows things are changing. slowly, but surely. So that's all good. I just hope my "friends" will start to appreciate me a bit more. When things turn to shit, as fast as i can, i'm there for them with support. Yet they dont care about how I feel. Apparently, because I don't have the hot guys around me drooling, I'm not a hot guy magnet, my "friends" dont want me. why should this even matter? one girl, she claims to be happily in love with her boyfriend and all. It's hardly love when she cheated on him when we were in town a while back. Both myself and the other girl that was there were horrified at her actions. So why should it matter if I don't attract the guys? if she's as happy in her relationship as she says, it shouldn't matter. although i suppose she'd rather take another friend because she's skinny, blonde and tanned. It would be a disaster if the guys thought they had a minga mate. how shame for them!
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