frangipani_kiss (frangipani_kiss) wrote,

Randomest Dream Ever!

Holy Crap did I have the most random dream last night! I Dreamt...

I went to the gym and Sarah was there (probably cause she's coming to the gym with me on Monday). I introduced her to Dwayne, who talked to her as though she was a little kid. He bent over at a 90 degree angle, arms locked at knees (you know how adults to that to get down to the level of little kids??). He was like "and what do you want to be when you grow up?" even speaking to her like she's little. Sarah goes "A backpacker" . I refrained from making any smart arse comments about dirty backpackers. Dwayne goes "A Backpack?!? wow! a long round one, or a big square one? or a little one?" and then I woke up. Holy Crap that was weird....

But I finished my painting. It came out really good. So I'm doing the same thing on canvas. I worked a little on it this morning. I didn't leave my paints out this time though. Frances-Ann quit Fahy's. Tony Sexually harassed her. She's pressing charges. According to the police, if anyone else presses charges, and he ends up in court and things don't go his way, he could get 7 years in jail. It's about time. He's done that to so many people who have been to scared to say anything.He didn't do that to me, but he was drunk and abusive, which is why i left and went to bureta. I suggested she go to bureta to work. the food might be crap, but at least the staff and management are nice (and not all touchy feely icky) and they do let uni students come and go as their holidays do.
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