frangipani_kiss (frangipani_kiss) wrote,

Shopping, Smoking and Work..

Yestreday was a pretty good day. I stumbled out of bed around 1, then went into town. I bought a hot pink halter top from Supre. It was only $7. and, It's a size small! Supre generally has completely fucked-up teenybopper sizing (lyk, omgz!!!111!!!oneone!! ur lyk a a size 10!!1!! ur so fat!!!!oneone11!!), and I'm usually a size med-large there (I'm a size 8. Go figure) So it's good to see that they finally have their sizes right. and, the staff weren't clones this time. There was a DARK SKINNED BRUNETTE there. A BRUNETTE!. As expected, it was full of children. Not as in 13 year olds trying to grow up, children, but 8 year olds. this one girl, she would have been 9 at the most held up this black tank top, with "I am drunk" written on the front. she was begging her mum for it. I doubt she even knows what drunk is!! Good thing her mum said no. haha. The dumb little supre boy (they have guys in there tidying up and stacking bangles) reeked so bad. If this was an American High school movie, I'd have chucked a deodorant can at him.One thing that did irritate me a bit was the lack of respect for brunettes. Sure, they had a brunette staff member, but there were quite a few blonde pride shirts. One said "blondes have more fun", understandable, that one's been around a long time now, but another said "I had a nightmare. I was a brunette!" There's nothing wring with having dark hair. and It's been said by guys themselves that they take brunettes more seriously, and see them more long-term relationship-worthy. So it's bad to be taken seriously? It's bad a guy wants you for commitment? *shrugs shoulders* Outside Supre, there were a bunch of 12 year olds trying to be "cool" by smoking. They were standing in a tight circle, constantly checking to see if anyone can notice their "coolness". They were holding the cigarette between their thumb and index finger, as opposed to between the index finger and 3rd finger, and carefully inhaling, then having coughing fits. Then checking to see if people were staring in awe of their "coolness". I'm uber-jealous. I wish I was that cool. Then, one of them asked me for a lighter. I told him I don't believe in underage smoking. He went completely off his rocker (as 12 year old wiggers do), started swearing like "You fuckin bitch!" it was hilarious. If 12 year olds want to grow up so bad, they should start behaving like adults. It was so funny! I started my first shift at Coyote last night, and it was way easier than I thought it would be. The till is easy, it's just a little hard finding the buttons. Mike (the dj from Bahama Hut) works there too. Closing bought back Bahama memories. I was cleaning and dancing at the same time, and Mike was dancing and skipping round the bar. But it wasn't to Tenacious D, like the last song of the night at Bahama Hut always was. There was no Chris taking his top off and doing a seal impression on the bar, or making up a song about anything (some favourites were the "I hate Samoans" song and the "Paul screwed the crew" song). Jason wasn't there, stomping around angrily, Bex wasn't sitting there confused. Mel wasn't trying to walk a straight line and sweep at the same time, and Paul and I weren't sending and recieving dodgy texts. God I miss those times. I know a lot of people hated the Bahama hut, but for me it was a great experience. We all used to have so much fun together (even waay before Paul and I were involved). I miss it. at least I still see a few people. Chris is always in town, and whenever i hear "Tina! come get some ham!" I know it's just Chris' way of saying hi. Ian works at Grumpy Mole now, so I see him lots. and I work with Mike again now. Mel's moved to aussie. I miss her so much, we used to get each other so drunk behind the bar, it was classic. and I never see Paul anymore. But that's neither mine, of his fault.

God I miss the hut.

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