frangipani_kiss (frangipani_kiss) wrote,

Lots and lots of work!

Yeah, the subject line says it all. I worked on Friday night, and it was quiet as, although Laure and I both agreed there was quite a bit of good talent in the bar, so at least we were happy. I got to go home early. I worked all day yesterday, and it was so quiet I taught the kitchenhand how to make coffees. Then I worked last night, where it was super-packed, with three hen's nights and two stag parties. One old lady got angry at me when I wouldn't fill her wine glass to the top, and she squawked (literally) at me "fiiiiiiilll myyyy glaaaaaaass tooo thaaaaaaa tooop, youuuuuuu sluuuuut!" It was so funny. She just didnt get the fact that we have standard measures to follow. Mike saw Paul in town on Friday with some skinny blonde chick hanging off him. haha. It's quite funny how Tegan rubs it in my face at every opportunity, the fact that she has him, and I don't, but I'm quite happy being single, because I know ythis way I can't get cheated on behind my back and stuff. It's funny. I just smile and nod.
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