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I got my haircut!!! It's so cool! I haven't had a fringe since I was 9 and I had decided fringes were "uncool". So now I have the layers put back inot my hair, although this time they're all choppy, and I have a choppy fringe. It looks rad!
snip snip!
So I got into work today, and my boss started laughing about how we (me and the emo boy at work, and the punky-looking bar girl) look the same. we all wear chucks to work, all have choppy black hair, and all have cuffs and studded belts. lol. 
I think sitting with the boys has influenced me. I was at work tonight, and this fat chick walks in. I turned to Jay (the emo guy) and go "there's ya missus!" something the boys and I do freqrently at lunchtimes, laughing at the not-so-normal looking people on campus. Andy was in charge of music tonight. he was playing some older stuff. It was funny to hear the spice girls, and people singing about how rad it is that it's 1999. It was so funny.
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