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Holy shit did I have a good weekend. We had a HUGE massive party at our flat because Natacha and Piero moved back to Uruguay. We had wicked sounds, and even a bonfire in our backyard! all our neighbours came, so there were no worries about noise. My friends Sarah Foreskin and Cam from my class came too. It was freezing. Then, me and Cam did a mission to Burger King. we got sick of waiting for the bbq. we figured that because it wasn't on (and yet piero was still turning the sausages...) the food would be a while. fuck it was funny. just picture this confused south american trying to use a bbq that's not turned on then running around offering everyone bits of carrot. When we got there, i whispered "look at the drive through guys hair!" it was al swishy. Cam cracked up ands goes "look at his ears!" just as the guy turned around and heard what Cam had said! LOL!!! then we went back to the party and got talking otot this guy with dreads who was all about how he went to this acid party on friday, and how he had been so tripped out. then, he asked Cam what he was doing, to which he replied that he was studying law enforcement to be a cop. So the dreads guy started saying how he had been at the party, but not had any acid and stuff. it was so funny. then we went into town. On the way to do apple sours shots at cornerstone, we saw neil, who thought nothing of cam and i being in town together (mike and steve made up rumours that we were sleeping together). Then, we went home (not my home, mind you). I got up, got a ride back home then went to work. Today I got to class. I was standing with Neil, Mike and Cam, and Neil was telling mike about town. He was like "n' i couldn't get 'in anywhere cause i was wif sum 16 year olds, n' (excuse my typing like this, i'm trying to type an english accent) i was gettin' all grumpy, yeah, n i saw 'ayley and cam walking down the street, n' so i said 'I to them, an' then...ohmygod! cam! you've got a 'uge 'ickey!!". Then Mike put two and two together and so therefore we were busted. Not too sure what's going to happen, but we'll be taking things slowly because we've both had all our relationships so far end nasty. I found out that brooke's actually brooke's middle name and not her real name. her real name's barbra. I've been giving her shit all day, saying in a squawky voice "baaaaaaaarrrrbbrrraaaaaa????"
Today was so funny.
and as promised, here's our picnic table radness!!!! 
this is our rad "law enforcement class of 2006" picnic table
yay for donuts!
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