frangipani_kiss (frangipani_kiss) wrote,

Angry Samoan!

Today in class we did these roleplays of domestic violence situations. I got cast as the mum, and the boys decided that the family would be samoan. It was more fun than it sounded, running around speaking in a samoan accent with one jandal on my foot, the other in my hand ready to clout "son". It was funny when "son" (steve) whacked "daughter" (lisa) and called her a "fucking slut". Then Mike goes "sup, dawg!" to a retarded guy. Then, we got given this big long list of confusing words. we had to find out the meanings of them all, then choose 20 and make a story. Paul, Neil and I made a story about some random getting hacked to death and thrown in a swamp. Brooke and Gail wrote about how they couldn't think of anything. Mike and Steve had the funniest by far. it was called "a big-worded porn". It was all about a certain classmate and I (Cam bragged to the boys- aparently, i'm the hottest in the class- BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!). The funniest sentance had the word "Facetious" it it, meaning witty at inappropriate time. The line was "Facetiously, Cam asked, "Is it in yet?, which soon lead to him being Cudgeoned to a ruddy mess by an irate Hayley" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! and then two old people made out at work. With tongue. eww.
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