frangipani_kiss (frangipani_kiss) wrote,


I only lost one kilo this week. Sucks cause i've been trying so hard, and I haven't been eating (much) junk food. It's all good, at least I lost something. Next week will be better. absolutely NO sausage rolls! Our house was busy on Tuesday night. John (Renee's brother) Howie (John's mate) and Daniel and Rach (The next door neighbours) came over for drink and a few games of shithead. then the guys came up with this game involving paper scissors rock, and an electrocuting pen. whoever lost had to take a zap on the nose. Then we went to jam night at the Mellick. It was packed, which was good. I saw Lisa (one of the other pageant girls). I'm heading to an "s" party on saturday night. I'll be going as a skank. I'm heading into town afterwards, so i'll have to see if i have enough time to get changed before i go, toerhwise i could be getting some strange looks
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